Out of fairness to both our customers and ourselves we enforce the following studio policies for all sessions:

Photography/recording policy: Under absolutely no circumstance will photography be permitted during a session. Cameras, cell phones & other devices are not permitted to be used to record during the session. This distracts both subject and photographer.

Digital Images & Print release: Hinson Photography selects the images that are retouched and presented to you. If Master digital files are purchased then you will be given a print release which authorizes you to print from the master file. Under no circumstances are you allowed to print from illegally obtained copies of your images. In other words, without a signed print release you are not permitted to print. The copyright of all images remains in the ownership of Hinson Photography & breech of these copyright terms will result in legal action and/or deletion of files and termination of contract. Fines or monetary damages may be collected if copyright violations  occur.
Copyright: Images produced and owned by Hinson Photography are not to be altered, edited or cropped in any way by anyone other than Hinson Photography. This includes but is not limited to: adding a filter, adding quotes or wording, cropping out the watermark, changing the image to black and white or editing the image in photoshop/lightroom or other comparable programs. Watermarked images are for online use only and must not be copied or printed under any circumstances.
Retouching Policy: We will do our best to accommodate your blemish removal and other retouching requests.  Additional retouching services and revisions are not included in the session fee.
Refunds: Due to the nature of our services and the way in which your images are presented there will be no refunds honored for digital products & the full session fee is non-refundable.