Christmas Photo Challenge

25 days of Christmas Photo Challenge 

One of the best gifts of Christmas are all of the memories made with friends and family. This Christmas photo challenge is a fun way to capture some of those special memories this season. 

Some of our family members live far away and one of the ways we stay connected is through a group text. Occasionally, we will do photo challenges in our family group text and I love it. 

Get your family together in doing this Christmas photo challenge and make it even more fun! I love seeing all of the different perspectives on each challenge in our family photo challenges.

I created a printable version of this challenge, so that you can hang it up on the fridge for reference. Alternatively, you can make it your phone wall paper too. If you are anything like me, I take a million photos on my phone and can easily bury things I may want to find later on. 

You can also share this photo challenge with friends and family on social media, so that they can join in. 

Feel free to be creative and think outside of the box on these challenges. If you want to share some the photos you have taken for your challenge, we would love to see them! You can tag us on Facebook @hinsonphoto 

Here is the list of twenty five photo challenges for the month of December: 

Day 1: Christmas Lights 

Day 2: A dessert 

Day 3: Your favorite holiday movie 

Day 4: wrapping paper

Day 5: Decorating 

Day 6: Gift 

Day 7: Green & Red 

Day 8: Shines Bright

Day 9: cup of cheer

Day 10: A special Ornament 

Day 11: Something Nostalgic 

Day 12: peppermint 

Day 13: all bundled up 

Day 14: Christmas Tree 

Day 15: Stockings

Day 16: wreath 

Day 17: baking 

Day 18: Tradition 

Day 19: family time 

Day 20: star

Day 21: Christmas shopping 

Day 22: gingerbread 

Day 23: cozy pajamas 

Day 24: peaceful night 

Day 25: Christmas table


Christmas photo challenge

Printable Christmas Photo Challenge

Christmas photo challenge