Siesta Key Couple Photography

Siesta Key couple photography is a wonderful way to include the picturesque scenery of Siesta Key in your portraits.

Many couples flock to Siesta Key for a relaxing getaway at one of the best beaches in the country.

The pure quartz sand and warm gulf coast waters seamlessly tie in to a romantic vacation.

Siesta Key is ideal for:

  • Proposals
  • Engagement Sessions
  • Anniversary Photography
  • Beach weddings

Or, even just a stunning photography location for couples.

Below are 5 reasons why you should schedule a Siesta Key couple photography session.

Siesta Key Sunsets

The sunsets in Siesta Key paint the sky with the perfect backdrop for any portrait session.

As a Siesta Key photographer, we know how lucky we are to experience gulf coast sunsets.

We are always inspired by the watercolor skies at dusk and dawn near the ocean. Yet, there is still something so special about a Siesta Key sunset.

Siesta Key Beaches

Siesta Key has the purest sand in the world and the beaches are also super wide and flat. Making them perfect for a portrait session!

The wide open beaches creates tons of space for beach goers to spread out. This makes even the most crowded days more enjoyable.

If you have ever been on a shoreline with more of an incline and less width, high tide can make couple photography a little trickier.

Siesta Key Seclusion

Because there isn’t an abundance of high rise condos and hotels, Siesta Key always has a more low key feel to it.

As a Siesta Key photographer, we have to be mindful of the background. It’s really pleasant to not have to worry about a lot of unsightly background distractions in Siesta Key.

Siesta Key Parking

Siesta Key offers plentiful free parking and easy transportation options for couples that don’t have a car on vacation.

If you have ever visited other beach towns in Florida, you probably already know that parking can cost up to $15 for some beach parks.

In fact, our home beach charges a $10 parking fee at the most popular beach access points. Definitely not a big deal but it’s also something to appreciate about Siesta Key.

Siesta Key Couple Photography sessions are more convenient because of Siesta Key’s convenient transportation options and free parking.

Siesta Key is a place to return to

Siesta Key is one of the most sought after beach destinations in Florida.

If you share a special memory in Siesta Key, like a proposal, Siesta Key is a great place to return to every year on vacation.

Siesta Key couple photography is the number one way to relive all of those special moments you shared in Siesta Key.