Beach Photo Ideas

New Smyrna Beach Photography

We had a great spring and are excited for summer to be here! We are so excited for each of our clients this year and we are ready for our summer glow! We love summer photos and have a few must take photographs and experiences!

New Smyrna Beach photography is all about the beach! A must take while on the beach, a photograph of your sandy toes and waves in the back! A classic sign of a relaxing day and great weather. And hey, it’s an excuse for a pedicure!

Sometimes you need to sit down and cool off, a nice refreshing treat of fresh fruit brightens your instagram feed. Take a picture with your watermelon or orange and show off that smile! Our favorite beach snack is pineapple because it is so sweet & tropical. We also love to bring along some cold brew coffee and just sit to watch the waves while enjoying our favorite iced coffee recipe. 

When is the last time you dived in water and just looked around? Nature is so amazing and under appreciated, we highly suggest an underwater casing for your phone so you can photograph moments underwater and show off your amazing vacation in paradise! Taking photos in the water is a totally unique perspective and you will have a lot of fun doing it. 

Glow sticks make any summer night a party! Grab as many as you can and run around! Light up the night, try wearing neon and blowing bubbles for an even better picture!

Orange, yellow and black. No, I am not talking about Halloween! Nothing is more summer than a sunset with s’mores. Sit back, enjoy family and a treat! Grab all of your loved ones a take a selfie with all that is summer!

What are some of your must have summer photographs? Let us know in the comments!