Where to display Wall Portraits

Best places to display wall art in your home

I was re-arranging our wall art the other day and it really inspired me to write this post. So often, we have the best intentions when it comes to getting portraits printed. I can’t count how many times I have walked into someone’s home and the walls were bare where there should be a beautiful wall portrait. You see, it brings us pure satisfaction and delight to curate our client’s walls with incredible portraiture. Delivering a completely finished work of art that is designed especially for them with the utmost care and dedication – that is our job.

It makes us sad to think about a home without family portraits hanging on the wall. I look at our wall art every single day and it always brings me nothing but joy. Time passes quickly, your babies are off to kindergarten and before you know it they are throwing their graduation cap in the air and off to college.

The most important place to have portraits displayed is the living room. This is where many families spend time together. This is where you will entertain your guests and this is the main gathering spot in your home. The best place to hang a wall portrait is above the couch or whichever wall you plan on featuring in the space. The wall space you plan on showcasing the artwork should be the focal point of your living space.

Second to this is undoubtedly the dining room. Meals are shared together here with loved ones and this is a wonderful spot in your home for portrait art. Imagine sitting down for dinner each night with your family and having a stunning wall portrait to look at!

Hallways and staircases are definitely great spaces to display portrait art. You walk by these spaces routinely and will definitely want something visually appealing to look at. These spaces are ideal for wall clusters and wall galleries that combine multiple photographs. Each time one of our clients gets a new photograph she wants to display, she adds it to her growing wall arrangement. This is a great way to display portraits throughout the years and as your family grows! 

Your bedroom often has untapped potential. Many people have a couple photos on their nightstand and that’s it. But, displaying wall art in your bedroom opens up plenty of new space for wall portraits. I glance over at our son’s newborn picture from time to time and I love the memories that it brings back of when we first brought him home from the hospital. As an Atlantic Beach Photographer, we are obviously really passionate about displaying photographs in our home. But we love being able to relive all of our most precious moments each time we look at our wall art and we know our clients feel the same way. 

There is no time like right now to start planning your wall art!