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Top 3 fears about a photoshoot and how we can conquer them together 

Planning a portrait session is a big deal! It can intimidate a lot of people. But there really isn’t anything to fear. As professional family photographers in Jacksonville fl, we will make sure you feel totally at ease and have a blast! 

1.) I am worried that my Children won’t cooperate.

We have all been there before. Chasing around our toddlers and trying to get them to smile for a decent photo. You may even feel this way about your teenagers from time to time. It happens.  You may be worried that your kid(s) will grimace during the ENTIRE portrait session. This is a very common concern that we hear during consultations. Hear me when I say this: We haven’t met a single child that we couldn’t get a smile out of. I promise you, your portraits will be amazing. Have no fear! 

Listen, we are constantly photographing our 3 year old and he pretty much runs whenever he sees dad pull out the camera. It’s true, sad and true. But that doesn’t stop us from capturing that authentic grin of his when it peeks out. We just make a game of it and he eats it up! We aren’t trying to get anyone to say cheese, instead we are trying to get them to have fun! Getting kids to warm up to us and actually enjoy themselves will always result in a great portrait. Every. Single. Time. 

I may even have to pull out all of the stops and sing Frozen (fingers crossed you don’t have to witness this) but we will get a happy face!

2.) I am worried that I won’t look good.

I hear this one A LOT from both moms and dads. We will photograph you in the most flattering light and tell you exactly how to pose! Whatever your reason is for not feeling confident, we will work with you on minimizing these insecurities. I know that you may be hesitant to get in front of a camera or feel nervous about how the portraits will turn out. I would feel that way too! It’s natural to feel this way and we will do our very best to put your mind at ease. This starts with wardrobe guidance and helping you feel 100% confident in your clothing of choice. We also have tons of tips to make you feel totally ready to own your portraits! 

3.) I have never been photographed professionally. 

Many people have never been photographed professionally or haven’t been photographed professionally since being married. This can make some people feel nervous and uncomfortable. You may feel a little pre-session jitters but they will quickly fade! You will be surprised at how relaxed a portrait session can be. We will put you at ease, tell you exactly what to do and make sure you have a good time! The camera doesn’t bite, I promise!