By asking yourself 5 simple questions

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a wedding? If you are, then it’s likely that you have a long list of to do’s before your big “I do’s”. Don’t be ashamed if you have a pinterest board that’s filled with a million pins… getting inspired and excited about all of the details can make wedding planning much more fun. For us, making choices can be….hard. Especially when you are choosing a photographer that is going to be capturing all of the moments throughout your day. We compiled a run through of all of the most important things to ask yourself when making the most informed decision about a wedding photographer. Many times professionals forget that clients are looking for guidance and understanding. You might not be familiar with photography at all and in that case you probably get overwhelmed when faced with so many different options. The best place to start is with asking questions and doing a little research so that you can know for sure that your photographer is the best fit for you.

1.) Do they have a solid portfolio?

Now, most wedding photographers are incredibly diverse and talented individuals because they are prepared for every lighting scenario, background & moment. So, a wedding photographer will likely have a range of capabilities and shooting styles that best suit the moment. Does their portfolio reflect this? You need to know if the wedding photographer you hire has a consistent posing and editing style that you love. Do you like their portfolio? Is their portfolio consistent so that you know what to expect.

2.) Do they offer prints, albums and wall art?

Digital images are wonderful to archive and preserve your memories when stored properly. However, do you want a professional wedding album? Professional prints? Wall art? If so, make sure the photographer you choose offers this service. Some wedding photographers prefer to sell finished artwork to their clients and do not include a print release or digital images. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a photographer that is right for you. However, don’t choose a photographer based solely on the fact that you receive every single digital image. It’s better to have 100 prints that you love then 1,000 digital images that you hate.

3.) Do they fit your style?

This can apply to a lot of different things. All photographers have different shooting styles, editing styles and posing styles. Does this photographer’s style and branding fit who you are as a couple? Do they offer packages that are appealing to you?

4.) Do they have good reviews?

This is so important. Do your research and see what kind of feedback past clients have given them. Often times it’s quickly apparent if a wedding photographer has a poor reputation in your area. Good customer service is crucial because you will likely be with your wedding photographer all day and you want someone that maintains professionalism and quality service.

5.) What are their policies?

I think this can easily get overlooked but it’s important to know how your photographer conducts his/her business. Understand how their payment plan works and what they require for a retainer. What is their turnaround time and if they charge extra for certain retouching requests. They will often have a list of policies alongside their contract to cover all of the bases.

One of our favorite things about being a Daytona Beach wedding photographers is the amazing couples we get to meet! It’s always a great experience encountering all types of love. Upon meeting us we ask a multitude of questions about how you met, where your originally from, what you both like to do, a few words to describe each other and other fun questions. We love hearing everyone’s fairytale! We want to make sure that we really portray your big day the way you want it portrayed! We want you to feel confident in choosing the Daytona beach wedding photographer that is the best fit for you. We are Daytona Beach wedding photographers that not only document your wedding day but tell your love story too. We love answering any questions or concerns you might have for us! Often times we are asked what equipment we use or how we ensure that your images are stored on the big day. And if we use natural light or artificial supplements. Choosing a Daytona beach wedding photography company that matches your style is extremely important. Do you prefer light and airy? Do you prefer more dramatic and vibrant? Usually a simple glance at Daytona beach wedding photographers online portfolio will show you what that photographer offers. Everyone has a personal preference, make sure you seek out the best one for your big day! Your photographer probably has a check list of images that they will shoot during your big day. If you have any special requests be sure to tell them to ensure you receive those images. We personally love when our clients tell us about special guests who are in attendance, or if you are wearing your great grandmothers necklace, we want to know! This is your day and we want to capture artistic, emotional & timeless portraits of a day you will want to remember forever.