Windermere Photographer | Canvas and Acrylic Wall Art

Canvas vs. acrylic wall art 
Once you view your family portraits in a slideshow, you will want to look at them as much as possible. The best way to do this is to showcase them on your walls! Two of the most popular ways to display wall portraits are either gallery wrapped canvas or acrylic face mounted prints. They are each equally impressive but they are also very different. As a Windermere Photographer, I am going to highlight the differences between the two styles and explain what makes them each so stunning. 
Gallery wrapped canvas 
Gallery wrapped canvas is a classic alternative to a framed print. Displaying your portraits on a gallery wrapped canvas is a timeless way to adorn your walls. The texture of canvas is natural and beautiful. Your portraits are printed on museum quality canvas and wrapped around a wooden frame. Then secured and finished in the back for a ready to display piece of artwork that will grace your walls for years to come. 
Gallery wrapped canvas, unlike acrylic, has a wonderful texture to its surface. And the image itself is wrapped around the canvas which highlights the portrait as the focal point of the display. Gallery wrapped canvas’ simplicity makes it versatile and compliments just about any decor taste. Gallery wrapped canvas’ are sophisticated and artistic which makes them the clear choice for anyone with a more traditional taste in wall art. 
Acrylic Prints
Face mounted acrylic prints are clean and modern. Their sleek surface makes the vibrancy of the portrait pop. Your portrait will be printed on archival quality paper and then face mounted with thick acrylic which results in a semi-3D effect that really invites the viewer into the display. Acrylic displays are clean and suit contemporary decor very well. Acrylic prints are slightly more expensive but they are boldly beautiful. 
Acrylic prints work very well in homes with modern style and minimalist design. Although, an acrylic print can easily bring sleek style to any room. An acrylic print is an impactful way to make a statement and its edgy look is very appealing. Acrylic prints really emphasize the color in portraits which makes them a strong contender for reflective sunset photographs.
Overall, there are so many benefits to either that it really boils down to personal preference. I personally, couldn’t tell you which I prefer over the other.There is always the option of purchasing both to display in different areas throughout your home and office!