Ponce Inlet Portraits

If you have ever been to Ponce Inlet then you know that it is one of the best locations near Daytona Beach for a family portrait session. The secluded nature of it adds to the intimacy of each portrait. When the sun begins to set, it becomes even more clear that Ponce Inlet is a stunning place to relax. We love a beautiful view of the Lighthouse and that’s what makes Ponce Inlet so phenomenal for Daytona Beach photography. Our clients also share in our love for this great area! 

Raise your hand if you have ever acted totally ridiculous just to get a baby to look at the camera? It’s okay, we have all done it. In fact, I do it on the regular. I will sing the Moana soundtrack and have zero shame! Photographing these children was effortless. When children are as cute and well behaved as this – it’s really all a photographer can ask for! They were even courteous enough to show us some pretty spectacular Lego creations. 

If you know anything about Florida at all then you know that the weather is all over the place. Meteorologists just do not have it easy when it comes to predicting Florida’s forecast. All hail the great and wonderful weather apps which constantly change and make it impossible to make plans! Just kidding, weather apps are super convenient and are mostly pretty accurate. After wind & rain resulted in a couple of reschedules, we finally landed on a beautiful clear evening. And, oh was it ever beautiful. 

The sunset was fantastic and Ponce Inlet never disappoints. You could tell how much joy the beach brought to these kids. They loved jumping and playing around. It was easy to capture their authentic smiles and endearing playfulness. We had so much fun with this family and can’t wait to photograph them again.