How to care for your gallery wrapped canvas

We are in love with gallery wrapped canvases. They are a classic way to showcase your portraits on your wall. Once you receive them, it is important to know how to best care for them. 

How to clean

In order to remove dust from your gallery wrapped edges and freshen up a canvas over time it is best to use a clean & dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using any cleaning chemicals. Using a gentle motion dust should wipe clean very easily! 

How to avoid discoloration over time

Although the canvas is archival quality, it is important to avoid displaying your canvas in an area of your home that is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

How to hang

Hang your canvas securely using picture hooks that can support the weight and size of your canvas. PRO TIP: Use painters tape and a tape measure to place the canvas properly on the wall! Painter’s tape will help keep the portrait level and it’s easy to remove. 

Minor scratches & worn edges

Move canvases as little as possible in order to avoid wear and tear. If your canvas does get a minor scratch, it is best to leave it alone so as to not draw more attention to the damaged area.

Maintain Quality

Avoid displaying the canvas in an area that is exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity as this can result in sagging and warping over time. 

Canvas is a very low maintenance piece of wall art. There is very little that needs to be done! It is delivered ready to hang and it doesn’t require much upkeep. Simply hang it on the wall securely and you are ready to go! Easy & stunning. Looking for Melbourne photographers fl to help dress up your walls? Contact us today.