Cocoa Beach Family Photographers | Preferred Lighthouse Location

As Cocoa Beach family photographers, it is important to us that we show our clients the BEST locations. Knowing which spot is best for your family is an important aspect of the planning process! One of the questions that I will ask is what is most important to you? Is it convenience and ease of access? Versatile scenery with a variety of natural landscapes? Specific beaches that are special to you? Beaches vary widely all along Florida’s coastline and there are so many things to consider when choosing a location for your family’s beach portrait session. One location that we truly adore is the beautiful Lighthouse Point Park. It’s loaded with a variety of natural settings that are all within an easy walking distance.

It’s ideal for large groups and multiple families to be photographed in a location that checks off a range of must-haves. Lighthouse Point Park is situated on the Ponce Deleon Inlet and has stellar views of the Ponce Deleon Lighthouse. The lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and it’s absolutely magnificent. There are plenty of rocky areas that overlook the inlet and sandy pathways lined with vibrantly green vegetation. There is a winding wooden walkway that leads right to the beach which makes walking a breeze. There are plenty of dunes too which are delightfully scenic as well. Not only do you have views of impeccable dunes, an incredible lighthouse and a variety of unspoiled scenery. You also have a wide, white and sandy beach that sits adjacent to the rocky jetties. There is something for everyone at this location and it caters to groups with older relatives as well.

Additionally, this location is often teeming with wildlife and it isn’t rare to catch dolphins frolicking in the inlet or crabs kicking it in the sand. Kids love the wide open space that is kept natural and beautiful. The MOST compelling aspect of this location, for many, is that it’s devoid of towering condos that obstruct your view. It is pristine and relatively secluded. While it is a popular place for surfers, fishermen and families to come hang out – it’s much less crowded than public access beaches. This idyllic park tells a story that compliments your portraits.

BONUS, it has bathrooms, pavilions and multiple areas to rinse off your feet. Enjoy a relaxing sunset session at this wonderful location and bring home memories that you will cherish forever. As Cocoa Beach family photographers, we keep tabs on all of the great areas in and around Cocoa Beach. Stay posted to learn about more idyllic locations on the Florida coast.

Tallest lighthouse in florida


Family portrait in front of the Ponce Deleon Lighthouse near cocoa beach