Daytona Beach Photographer: How to prepare for your portrait session

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How to get ready for your photography session with Hinson Photography.



Wondering what to wear? Here is a simple guide to making sure your family is prepared and ready for a fun-filled portrait session. Portrait sessions can be a lot of fun if you aren’t stressed out and worried but that’s easier said than done. You want to make the most of your portrait session and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Planning outfits is such an important part of the process and it’s best to get this all taken care of in advance so that you aren’t running around everywhere the day before looking for anything mint colored! We have all been there.

This is so important. Make up is a wonderful way to enhance your beautiful features and make them pop. You don’t need to wear a ton of make up if you normally don’t (you want to look like yourself) but just adding a light natural application of make up is something I strongly recommend. If you aren’t comfortable applying your own make up then consider hiring a professional make up artist to help you get the look you want to achieve.  Undergarments need to stay under – in other words, try to make sure your bra strap isn’t peeking out or that  pants aren’t baggy and revealing any underwear. Leave the hair ties in your purse so that you don’t forget they are on your wrist.

Kids might not always do what we want them to and that is okay! They do not have to be looking directly at the camera and smiling for every pose. Some children instantly put on a huge unnatural grin when they are told to “say cheese” so, sometimes it’s better to simply do something that makes them smile or laugh. Genuine smiles are the best smiles.

The best way to capture the love and personality your family has is by having fun and being relaxed. So, remember that the most important thing is that you have a good time and enjoy creating such special memories with your loved ones.

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