Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016

Motorcycles rumbling and lots of leather – It’s that time again, Daytona Beach Bike Week 2016! We spent a little time hanging out  at Pub 44 with Hollowpoint Apparel to support an amazing cause. If you haven’t heard of Hollowpoint Apparel I suggest you take a look at her awesome line of products and see for yourself why she is doing some pretty fantastic things.


Hollow point Apparel tent at Pub 44

We were invited to participate in supporting #22kill which is raising awareness to the troubling suicide rate among veterans and raising money to help soldiers adjust to normal life when they return home. We are so thankful to everyone who participated and donated to this amazing cause.


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Daytona Beach Photographer, Jonathan Hinson

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22 push ups in support of #22kill’s mission


Patriotism and support for #22kill

The energy at Pub 44 was palpable and full of enthusiasm. It was clear to see how much fun everyone was having and we were thrilled to be there capturing it. I love seeing a group of people rally together with patriotism and excitement in their hearts! We were able to chat with the lovely lady with Keyes Realty Michele Boyer for a bit which is always a pleasure. She was out there to support this awesome cause as well.


Realtor Michelle Boyer and Kathy with NSB Happenings

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Bike week at Pub 44

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Disgruntled Clown at Bike Week


We spend a lot of time behind our cameras and behind our computers working so it always refreshing to get out there and enjoy our incredible community. We are so happy to live in this little slice of paradise.