SOTA Entertainment

How much love and dedication do you put into planning your wedding day? A lot, right? 

You want your fairytale day to be filled with tender moments.

As Daytona Beach photographers, we understand the importance of moments. We throw ourselves into capturing them and preserving them.

But sometimes special moments need a soundtrack in order to unfold more seamlessly. 

That is where your Daytona Beach DJ & entertainment comes in! 




quote about music for daytona beach dj

Do not understate the importance of a DJ that can keep the party pumping.

A DJ will help facilitate the environment needed to maximize those unforgettable moments (and dance moves). 

From adding to the ambiance with lighting, to playing all of your favorite tunes & making announcements. DJ’s are an integral aspect of your Daytona Beach wedding or event. 

As photographers, we are very observant and sensitive to the environment. Our job is to protect and preserve your special moments.

We only recommend Daytona Beach vendors that feel the same way about moments, that they are to be lived in – not rushed. 

A DJ senses the crowd and makes announcements based on both the schedule AND how the evening is naturally progressing. It takes skill, talent and an exceptional personality to be a fantastic DJ. 

SOTA Entertainment is on our list of preferred vendors as a Daytona Beach DJ. We highly recommend their DJ services. 

Don’t let all of dedication you have put into planning your wedding or event go to waste. Hire an amazing DJ!