3 Reasons to Book Vacation Portraits

3 reasons to book vacation portraits 
Some people may think about a Florida vacation and think about relaxing seaside with a cold drink and a great book. Or, hitting up Orlando’s widely popular theme park scene. A family portrait session? That may not be the first thing that comes to mind but it totally deserves a spot on your itinerary. As Jacksonville Photographers we are giving you 3 reasons why! 

1.) There simply is not a souvenir that compares to professional portraiture. Many of our clients reserve portrait sessions months in advance. They are anticipating a warm summer trip to the beach to get them through the cold winter months. Having a beautiful portrait from your Florida vacation displayed on your walls is the best way to hold on to those memories throughout the years. Imagine glancing over at a beautiful gallery wrap showcasing your family trip to Florida and being reminded of the clean ocean air. It’s way better than a t shirt. Although, you should still buy the t shirt… everyone needs an arsenal of tacky tourist shirts in their wardrobe! Seriously, we get them wherever we go and proudly flaunt them. No judgment here, as long as you don’t wear them to your photoshoot. 

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2.) Take this opportunity to update your family portraits! You will be visiting beautiful beaches, take this chance to be photographed in a stunning area. You will have something to remember your trip by AND amazing family portraits to show off! 

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3.) It’s fun! Family trips are already great bonding experiences. You are all feeling rejuvenated and a sense of togetherness. Enjoying a laid back photo shoot will add something special to your family vacation.



If you are traveling to Florida for a family reunion then having all of the family together in one place is reason ENOUGH to hire a professional portrait photographer. If you  are like most people then you know how difficult it can be to get everyone together in one place at the same time. Having that portrait together is invaluable. Even if you take an annual trip to Florida, you can document each year with an album or fill an entire wall with gallery wraps from each year. There really are plenty of reasons to consider a professional portrait session while vacationing in Florida. Looking for family photography Jacksonville FL? Contact us today and you are one step closer to a beautiful family portrait!