Why you should book a portrait session in 2017

We are having a great 2017 so far and can not wait to see all of the amazing families we meet this year as a Winter Park Photographer! We are starting to book spring and summer sessions, so we thought we would give you a few reasons why you should have your portraits taken in 2017! photography services in daytona beach, canvas cluster, new smyrna beach photographer, port orange photographer, professional photographer central florida, daytona beach's photography services, photography business daytona beach, new smyrna beach photographersWe know you already are planning on it, but these reasons will remind you why it’s so important you do so!


1.) Not to sound cheesy, but it’s a new year and a new you! Show off your new outfits, that renewed love of your family and those big smiles! We would love to celebrate the new year with you!

2.) Spring is close by, a great time to freshen up your wall portraits and add a new album to your collection. We would love to help you design a wall gallery and produce some fine art prints for grandma.

3.) Time passes quickly, wether your son starts kindergarden this fall or your daughter graduates this summer, we all feel like it was yesterday that they were in our arms. A great way to remember these moments is a family portrait.

4.) Physical prints and items will last forever, one of my favorite things about photographs is being able to time travel and be in a moment you can’t never re-visit, only through a photograph. The feeling that comes from holding a photograph of your great grandmother you never met is like no other.

5.) Portraits make a great gift item, handing your mother a framed print of your child with you just makes everyone happy. Your children are your legacy, let everyone know your story.

6.) Get a head start on your holiday season, take your family portraits now so you can print your cards as soon as the season starts. 

7.) You will have a lot of fun! Anytime you leave a session with us, you will have a smile on your face! We make the session fun and personal. Its a great bonding expierince for the whole family. Imagine getting dressed up and looking your best, having a photoshoot and then dinner with your family? Is this hollywood? Sounds like a great night, right?