Tips that will make your large group portraits rock

Plan the session at least 4-6 weeks in advance


Planning a portrait session requires, well, time. You need to allow ample planning time for everyone in your group to prepare. Putting together a wardrobe for 20 people is quite a task, even with plenty of expert advice. Brief them on what to expect in terms of the session, like how long it will last and where it will take place. Even better, involve them in the planning process. As an Ormond Beach photographer we love planning sessions with families from all over! 


When it comes to styling a large group, stick with simple

Sunset beach portraits


When planning an Ormond Beach photography session for large families, it’s best to keep it simple. By simple, I do not mean that everyone must match. Not everyone can pull off the same look! Choose a simple color scheme that contains 1-2 colors and add a simple neutral like white to break it up. For example: Navy blue, teal & white. Or, even easier go with red, black and white.

Not everyone needs to wear all of the colors and the only thing that needs to match are the colors. Refer to our wardrobe guide for a detailed explanation of how to dress your family like a pro!


Plan something fun afterward


Chances are that there may be some people that aren’t totally stoked for these photos. So, reward the whole family afterwards with a fun activity that they can look forward to. By the end of the session, they will find it was way more fun than they anticipated anyway. But giving them something to look forward to will keep them all present and involved. As an Ormond Beach photographer, we can recommend several fun activities and restaurants in the area. Just ask! 

We have mastered the art of photographing large families and we promise that you will be blown away at how much fun everyone has! For more information about planning a portrait session for family reunions or family vacations – give us a call!