Instead of leaving them online

5 things you can do with your Memory Maker photos

5 Things You Can Do With All of Your Memory Maker Photos

Instead of leaving them online

As an Orlando Vacation Photographer, we create the best souvenirs ever – priceless portraits! 

Do you want to know what we think the best Disney souvenir is? 

Disney’s Memory Maker

Have you ever handed your camera to a complete stranger in hopes that they would capture a halfway decent photo of you and your family, while on vacation?

I am pretty sure all of our hands flew up. We have all been there. Guess where I see this happening more than ever? Disney World. Guys, that castle in more selfies than I can even begin to imagine! 

But what if I told you that you could have meaningful vacation memories captured for you at hundreds of photopass locations throughout the parks? Yes, without the help of a stranger. Or that selfie stick you had to leave behind. 

What is it?

Disney Memory Maker is brilliant. For less than $200, you can download all of the photos taken throughout your trip. At select attractions, restaurants, character meet and greets and photo pass spots. 

Added benefits? Any friends or family that are linked to your trip can enjoy the photos as well. 

Is it worth it?

I have heard people gawk at the price tag… but guys, this is a STEAL. In my opinion, the memory maker is so worth it! And no, I am not paid to say that. 

$169 pre purchase price. If you take 100 photos during your trip that’s less than $2 per photo.

You can’t even buy a coffee for that nowadays!

What to do with it

Now that you know about how wonderful the Disney Memory Maker is, what can you do with it? It’s simple enough. You scan your magic band with photo pass photographers and all of your photos get sent to your account for you to download.

The real question is: What should you do with them?

5 things you can do with your Memory Maker photos

It’s safe to say that you are going to have hundreds of photos when all is said and done, depending on how much you like to say cheese. 

Don’t leave them 0n your phone collecting virtual dust. 

Make an Album

Order a flush mounted coffee table book, photo book or print 4×6 photos and fill an archival quality album. You can mix in some of your own photos and make an incredible souvenir!

Orlando Vacation Photographer album photo

Make a Gallery Wall

Frame your favorites and make a Disney or Vacation themed gallery wall! This is a much better way to view your photos than on your phone.

Make a Slideshow 

You can create a custom slideshow and watch it on your TV with friends and family. 

Frame Them

Buy a frame from a Disney gift shop to add some extra magic. Frame smaller prints to display on shelves, picture ledges or your desk. 

Make Custom Post Cards

Order custom post cards to mail to friends and family with your own pictures!

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