Kayne’s Senior Prom Portraits

Fun fact about us, we went to Heather’s senior prom together! We are high school sweethearts. Photographing some of Spruce Creek’s High School students brought back a lot of great memories. It was great meeting Kayne, his parents and friends. Everyone of them had such joy about them. Kayne is very charasmatic and kind. We have been following his story for a while now and all of you should to, go check out his story and his Facebook page. One of the most couragous stories!  To quote his charity “Each individual can make ripples in the water, together we will make waves” and that couldn’t be more true!

We decided to share fun facts about prom to go along with this gallery! If you attended and we took your picture, you can find them here and use code 9436.

1) Prom is a time to shine and show your personality! All of the bright colors and elaborate dresses really make for great portraits! But on average, a girl will try on 10 dresses before she finds one that is perfect!

2) Photographing some of Spruce Creek’s High School students brought back a lot of great memories. The only thing we have left from our prom is photographs, but on average over 64% of students keep some memorbilia from the big night!

3) Aside from us being high school sweet hearts, Jon Bon Jovie also went to highschool prom with his wife! I wonder what color she wore?
4) 15% of girls agree that prom is just as important as their wedding day!

5) Fact number 4 leads me to promposals, orginating from the tv “Lauguna Beach” instead of just popping the question, you now have more creative freedom, teens have a lot to keep up with these days!

6) There have been over 30 movies written about highschool prom!

To sum it all up, Senior Prom is a huge deal and something to be documented! This group of friends made so many memories and had a great time. Watching moms and dads with their senior students will bring tears to anyone, its hard to believe our son Sawyer turns 4 next week, in 13 years we will be in that same place. We feel so blessed to be photographers in daytona beach fl and meet so many amazing families from allover and document the best parts of life