Fun Facts about Florida | Ormond Beach Photography

Ormond beach photography allows us to meet tons of people from all over the country! When we tell people that we were both born and raised in Florida, they are always pretty surprised! It does feel like Florida is a relatively transient state, which welcomes millions of visitors each year. Not surprisingly, many people call Florida their home away from home – and many, literally own a second home here. 

Maybe it’s the warm weather that lasts all year long, the nearly 1,200 miles of coastline or just the simple fact that Orlando is considered the theme park capital of the world – but we are so grateful that people flock down here to enjoy this wonderful peninsula with us. 

Have you ever questioned something and then realized that you can just Google it? I do it all of the time. Those of us who have come of age in the digital era probably know what I am talking about. For me, this then means falling into a rabbit hole of Googling (is that a word now? Probably) This somehow led to me learning really weird facts about different states. Thus, here we are. 

I kind of figured I knew all that I needed to know about Florida. However, even us Floridians didn’t know some of these crazy facts about Florida. So, as Daytona Beach Photographers, we thought it would be fun to share some of these insane Florida facts. 


1.) Miami is home to the first ATM

This one sounded like a joke to me, but it’s legit. Miami installed the first ATM so that roller bladers could make deposits more easily. So, whenever you feel like you can’t make a difference in the world – just remember, roller bladers are to thank for a more convenient way to bank. 


2.) Crocodiles and alligators co-exist in Florida habitats

This probably doesn’t make you want to go grab your bathing suit but just know that Florida is the only place in the world in which these creatures share a home. 

Ormond beach photography Florida alligator

3.) Florida is home to 30,000 lakes

I had no idea that Florida had this many lakes. I guess it isn’t totally surprising but still insane. It’s no wonder we walk around in bathing suits and flip flops all of the time with all of this water…. just kidding. That’s a total stereotype and I am absolutely not wearing flip flops right now as I write this…… (I am totally wearing flip flops)

4.) Florida has more golf courses than any other state

Golf really is everywhere you look around here. This is probably obvious but I just assumed golf courses were this much of a thing everywhere. I feel like we also have a lot of put-put golf as well but who is counting? 

5.) Flamingos are not a native species 

This one made me a little sad but flamingos are not commonly found in the Florida wilderness. Most often, if you spot a flamingo in Florida, it is probably because it escaped from captivity or it is made of plastic. While early settlers did spot flamingos, they are not permanent residents. They also aren’t regularly found in Florida’s natural habitat except for occasional sightings in the Everglades. Looks like you have a better chance of winning the lottery than spotting a wild Florida Flamingo folks. 

Well, their you have it – 5 super random facts about Florida that you probably didn’t already know. Any weird, random or totally unheard of facts about your home state are always welcome in our inbox. We are always interested in learning more about other areas, as a Daytona Beach Portrait Photographer.