West Palm Beach Engagement Photography

C + J

We have been respectfully SAVING this AMAZING West Palm Beach Engagement Photography session for MONTHS, guys.

It has been soooooo hard not to share these portraits!

Now that their wedding day has come and passed, we can finally share these West Palm Beach engagement photos with the WORLD.

Or… maybe just the few people that find our little corner of the web.

West Palm Beach Engagement Photography

C + J are adorable. And the location that they chose for their engagement portrait session is swoon worthy! Worth Avenue is luxuriously stunning.

So stunning actually, that we couldn’t help but spend three hours photographing this amazing duo.

Hello immediate dinner afterward! We were all understandably starving.


West Palm Beach is Gorgeous.

Strikingly blue turquoise waters AND foamy waves.

Sign. Us. Up.

There was no way we weren’t going to spend 3 hours photographing. Honestly.

Worth Avenue

Mediterranean style architecture lines the street. Floral aroma fills the air. The perfect backdrop for a romantic engagement photoshoot.

Museum Quality Memories

Once we did their reveal, we were BOTH ecstatic to order their canvas.

We are usually just as excited as our clients. Let’s be real! They ordered a big and beautiful 24×36 gallery wrapped canvas to be displayed at their reception. 

Everyone was blow away as they entered!

There is significance in hanging your first portrait together on the wall of your first home together.

It makes a house, a home. It immediately changes your life for the better.

We feel that. We feel just as rewarded by seeing our work serve our clients in that way.

It’s why we create portraits.

This portrait will grace their walls through everything.

Always serving as a positive affirmation that centers them in the midst of the crazy beautiful journey they are about embark on together.

We need to start bringing tissues to our gallery premieres. For us too.

I may or may not shed a little tear of joy at weddings. #guilty

Speaking of weddings…. their wedding gallery is in the works AS WE SPEAK. Blog post to follow.

If you’d like to have an amazing portrait like these for your engagement, reach out to us! We LOVE customizing engagement sessions. Check out this INCREDIBLE engagement session by the river.