Family Beach Session

It’s officially starting to cool down around here and we are so happy. Now, of course, when I say cool I mean like 68 degrees. This is Florida, we get excited about anything below 75. As an Orlando Portrait photographer we are lucky to have pretty warm weather all year long. Obviously, floridians still pull out the scarves, boots and hot cocoa during the winter months, but we could honestly wear shorts in January, and be totally fine. Which is why Orlando Portrait Photography can be done outdoors all year long. We may be making our snow men out of sand instead of snow, but our holiday spirit is just as palpable! Don’t forget to get those Christmas portraits done before Thanksgiving guys!

We have recently been busy photographing some incredible families and have a fun beach portrait session to share with you today. To those of you experiencing real cold weather, it should be a nice treat. 

Working with little ones is always refreshing. Toddlers have their own idea of how they want to be photographed and it’s often up to them to lead the way. We enjoy letting them have a more authentic interaction with their environment and that’s why beach shoots are so great for families with little ones. Letting them play and discover is often times just as cute as a posed smile. It’s hard to deny that these little ones were enjoying the beach and we had a blast working with them. 

Orlando Portrait Photography is vibrant and diverse because of the wide variety of beautiful portrait locations all around us. We love where we live and work!