Orange City Photographer | Blue Springs State Park

It has been so chilly down here in Florida! I know that the weather is much colder up north, but a low of 38 is too much winter for my liking. The panhandle has even gotten some flurries! So, I can only imagine how the manatees must feel. We kept hearing how many manatees had taken refuge at Blue Springs State Park this winter but we did not anticipate a record breaking day. We jumped in the car and headed over to Blue Springs to see all of the manatees and I think just about everyone else had the same idea! 

We waited for 45 minutes or more to get in. We don’t even wait that long at Disney! Too bad Blue Springs doesn’t have fast passes. Although, the wait was incredibly worthwhile! It also went by really fast. 

As an Orange City Photographer, we brought our camera with us, so that we could capture this magical sight. We really enjoy visiting Florida springs and hope to explore much more of them this year. Blue Springs is definitely one of the most popular warm springs in Florida, and I am so thankful that we have both been able to enjoy it all of our lives. Blue Springs State Park is located in Orange City, FL – so we are about 40 minutes away. It’s also less than an hour away from Disney World, so if you are looking for natural wonders to explore during your Disney Vacation – take a day trip to Blue Springs! Because we love Orlando Family Photography, we enjoy sharing fun family activities with our clients!

Manatees spotted at blue Springs State Park by Orange City photographer

The best time to view manatees is during winter and early spring. When water temps get cooler, manatees head to warm springs that are a constant 72 degrees. Blue Springs is a designated Manatee refuge and they have great outlook points and a long winding wooden walkway to view from. As an Orange City photographer, we went in March one year and didn’t see any manatees at all. But during this visit, they had counted 485 manatees!

Blue Springs Manatee refuge photography by Orange City photographer

Not only is it amazing to see all of these beautiful creatures but Blue Springs is a beautiful sight as well. The water is crystal clear and it’s so peaceful. Swimming is closed during Manatee season but it’s a great place to go swimming and snorkeling in too. As Orange City Photographers, we keep our snorkels in the trunk so that we are always ready for a trip to the springs!